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What should may child wear when swimming?

Because our pool is kept lovely and warm, no warm suits are needed!

If your child is not yet potty trained, we ask that they wear a two layer nappy system (swim nappy plus a second layer). We recommend a regular disposable or reuseable nappy plus “Neo Nappy” by Konfidence available from Reception here for £10 or at on-line retailers.

How warm is your pool?

We aim to keep the temperature at about 33-34C. The air temperature in the pool room is also warm to prevent any chills.

When should I start swimming lessons with my baby?

As soon as you are ready. The NHS guidelines advise that you do not need to wait until they have had their immunisations. We have babies from 5 weeks old that stay swimming with us until they start school!

However, you can start with us at any age in between!

I’m worried about my baby’s skin, do you use many chemicals in the pool?

– We use UV filtration to clean our pool which means that we can keep our swimming water pretty pure. We monitor our PH levels daily and we only add a small amount of chlorine – in fact levels are about the same as drinking water. Only adding more if there has been a specific incident.

I’ve never taken my child swimming, I am worried that I don’t know what to do!

Please don’t worry that is the teacher’s responsibility to show you! The lessons are just as much for the parent as the child and you will both learn together.

What if my baby is not happy?

Again, no need to worry the teacher will guide you what to do. It can sometimes take them a while to get used to the new environment and sensation. Just take it slowly and take notice of the signals that the baby is giving you. They will soon build confidence if allowed to proceed at their own pace.

How many children in each class?

We like to keep class sizes to 7, the pool is big enough to have more, and there is the rare occasion when we allow an extra but 7 our optimum size.

Can both parents swim with their child?

We allow one adult in the pool per child at any one time, the other is very welcome to sit poolside and alternate the time in the pool if you wish.

How much does parking cost?

Parking here is free and there is plenty of it in the vicinity of the pool!

What facilities do you have?

Both our male and female changing rooms have fold out changing tables, showers and toilets. Clothes can be left in the individual boxes in the changing rooms and there are lockers for valuables which take £1 coin. In the village of Goudhurst, less than a mile away there is a coffee shop and tea room.

If my child is unwell should I bring them swimming?

We recommend leaving your child at home if they are not well. If they are uncomfortable they will not enjoy the swimming experience.
We ask you to respect the other swimmers and don’t bring them if they are knowingly contagious. If they have vomitted or have diarrhoea then we ask you to keep them out of the pool for 48 hours.